Friday, February 5, 2010 button text to wrap to second line

Some times we have more matter to write on Button and the button becomes longer in width.. if we make its width small then text will be truncated (complete text will not be visible). so to do this here is solution:

Lets say you want to write following line on page in this way:

Submit here if you are an

to write text in above format in asp button write it in below format:
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so the answer is use : 
 to new line in asp button

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Anonymous said...

I was searching this from last 1 day and finally i got answer here... thanks dear..

Sam said...

don't know why its not working for me. I am on framework 4

Albert Andrada said...

Really Nice Information,Thank You Very Much For Sharing.
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Carol Prom said...

Works for me in Firefox and Chrome, not IE11.

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