Friday, October 29, 2010

Rebuild index while insert/update is also available

Some times we face such a situation that we have data in GB of size and we want to rebuild our index which is applied on that table. but in previous editions from MS-Sql server2005 this was not possible to provide insert/update facility while performing rebuild index operation.

but from sql server2005 we have got this very good facility to make insert/update available (working) while rebuild index is under progress.

to do so the syntax is :

CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX cl_SalesHistory_SaleID ON SalesHistory(SaleID ASC, SaleDate ASC)

in above query we have made our table available/allowing for insert/update while we perform rebuild index operation on it.

Specifies whether underlying tables and associated indexes are available for queries and data modification during the index operation. The default is OFF.

Solutions By:Rajesh Rolen

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