Friday, January 7, 2011

what is the name of the iis process in windows 7 or I am not able to find IIS process in windows 7

if you are using visual studio in windows 7 and you wants to attach your code with worker process "w3wp.exe". follow below steps.

press: ctrl + alt + P
you will not able to find this process directly there so to get that process in list you will have to check the check box "Show processes in all sessions".
now if you not started your visual studio with admin rights then it will ask you to save and restart visual studio with admin rights. click it and it will restart visual studio with admin right and its done.
now again press: ctrl + alt + P and check checkBOx "Show processes in all sessions" and you can now view "w3wp.exe" process. so just select it and attach..

Solution By: Rajesh Rolen

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1 comment:

JasRaj Bishnoi said...

i do follow these step but not showing w3wp.exe.
i am using Visual studio 3.0 and window 7.

please sir advice

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