Monday, March 28, 2011

How to prompt user if page is idle from last 5 minutes

While going through a interview, a interviewer asked me this question which made me to think over it.
The question was:

I have a web page and i want that, if a user not perform any operation (enter text or select a item from dropdownList or any other such) for last 5 minutes on that page then he should be prompted by a message.

i answered the question but he was not looking satisfied. Later when i worked over it and got to know that my answer was correct but its was not optimized.

so below is an optimized solution for such problem:

$(window).bind( 'mousemove mouseclick keydown mousewheel ...more listeners...', idle );
function idle( e )
  if ( window.idleTimeout )
    clearTimeout( window.idleTimeout );
  window.idleTimeout = setTimeout( userIdle, 300000 );
function userIdle()
  //either do stuff here or trigger the "idle" event

in above example we are using jquery to binding all required event listeners with a timer to trigger our function which will prompt user that your are idle on page form last 5 minutes.

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Solution By: Rajesh Rolen

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Anonymous said...

Wow, great solution.

Raj said...

wow sir best solution.

Raj said...

wow sir best solution.

Raj said...

great solution sir ji.

Rajesh Rolen said...

Thanks Raj, such comments makes me energetic to write.

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