Monday, January 30, 2012

Best Extension Methods

Below is list of Best Extension Methods of .NET

Paging on IQueryable
Paging on IEnumerable
IEnumerable To DataTable
Convert Generic List to DataTable
Check Is Nullable
Get Core Type
Match a string with multiple strings
Add Range to Collection
Force Download a File
Generate HTML Table from IEnumerable
Log / Email the Exception
Resize the Image
Throw an exception if argument / parameter of function is null
Send Email
Clone The Object
Replace The items in Collection
Generate specified separated string from IEnumerable
Get Slice of collection form a collection
Execute If Not Null
Value Exists Between Range
Convert Enum To Dictionary
Check Is NUll
Type Conversion
Convert To Integer and Return 0 if failure
Convert To Double and Return 0 if failure
Extension Methods for Datatable and DataReader
Extension Methods for JSON
Extension Methods for Date and Time
Extension Methods for String
Extension Methods for HTTP
Extension Methods for Cookie

Compiled By: Rajesh Rolen

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Govind said...

find more extension methods

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