Thursday, April 21, 2016

Could Not Find 'Xamarin.iOS'

Error: Could Not Find 'Xamarin.iOS'

You will get this error while building your xamarin ios/iphone/ipad project in visual studio.
To build ios apps in visual studio you need xamarin installed (at least xamarin.ios) on a mac machine in same network and link to that machine in visual studio.
you can link mac machine (xamarin installed on that) in visual studio from tools menu -> options
Compiled by: Dr. Rajesh Rolen

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Harini R said...

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Catharina said...

Xamarin has plenty of benefits to choose it. Cheaper, faster, still native. Here's an interesting infographic about Xamarin.

Vamshi Krishna said...

Very Useful information that i have found. don't stop sharing and Please keep updating us..... Thanks

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