Wednesday, September 2, 2009

.NET framework overview 1

Has own class libraries. System is the main namespace and all other namespaces are subsets of this.

It has CLR(Common language runtime, Common type system, common language specification)

All the types are part of CTS and Object is the base class for all the types.

If a language said to be .net complaint, it should be compatible with CTS and CLS.

All the code compiled into an intermediate language by the .Net language compiler, which is nothing but an assembly.

During runtime, JIT of CLR picks the IL code and converts into PE machine code and from there it processes the request.
Garbage Collection
Dispose, finalize, suppress finalize, Idispose interface
Assemblies, Namespace

Assembly is a collection of class/namespaces. An assembly contains Manifest, Metadata, Resource files, IL code
Com interoperability, adding references, web references
Database connectivity and providers
Application Domain

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