Thursday, May 26, 2011

Setup .NET Framework 4.0 on IIS 6

Steps to setup .NET Framework 4.0 on IIS 6 without effecting any existing website of lower version.

- Install framework 4.0 and restart [Web Platform Installer does it just fine]

- IIS 6.0 console should now display ASP.NET 4.0 under tab “ASP.NET” [It was again done if #1 above is right]

- Under Web Services Extensions (in IIS console) .NET 4.0 framework might be set as: prohibited. This must be ALLOWED otherwise a browser might just return the error 404 page not found which is not very descriptive

- ASP.NET 4.0 applications must be run in a separate process (Application Pool) otherwise you’ll get the error ‘Server Application Unavailable’.

Steps to setup separate application pool for .NET Framework 4.0
- First of all setup website/virtual directory for your website
- Under IIS right click on “Application Pools” and select new -> application pool
- It will open a dialog box. Enter application pool id in it and click ok.
- Now Right click on website/virtual directory and select properties
- Go to “” tab and select version to 4.0
- Now go to “Home Directory” tab and select your newly created application pool in application pool dropdown.
- Click on apply and OK.
- New reset IIS and its done.

If you still getting error then try this:
- Open command prompt
- Go to c:\windows\\Framework\v4.0.30319
- Run command: aspnet_regiis –i

If you encounter any error related to missing of any namespace or dll then copy desired dll in “Bin” folder of you application.
If you are not able to download/find that particular dll then follow below steps to get.
- Open you project in visual studio
- In “solution explorer” go to “references” folder
- Here you can see all namespaces/dlls which your project is referring.
- Select the desired namespace/dll and press “F4” or go to its properties
- Set its property “Local Copy” to True and rebuild project.
- And its done. Now the copy of that namespace/dll will be copied to “Bin” folder of project.

Compiled By: Rajesh Rolen

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