Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Test Your webservice/WCF service in Network

Today i found a interesting solution for an interesting problem.

i have created a WCF service in .NET Framework 3.5 to be used by PHP developers.
We have decided to test the service before going forward, for that we have planned to launch it on web servers but, i found there was 2.0 framework installed on my web server and my service is built on framework 3.5 (it was not good time to play with web server). So i decided to expose my WCF service from my system only. To do so i setup it on my local server on port 70. but it was not available from other computers on network. So i got a trick to solved this problem.

- I downloaded Microsoft SOAP Toolkit version 3 and started MSSoapT (Trace Utility),
then i created a formatted trace listening on port 8080
to do so, i gone throw these steps:
-- File->New->Formatted Trace. it opened a dialog box and i filled the following values in it.
-- Local port= 8080
-- in forward to section, Destination Host= (remove text localhost)
-- port = 70 (my WCF service port number).

Now click ok and its DONE... :)
now every one from my LAN can use this service by url like http://MySystemIP:8080/myservicename.svc

So what we have done is we have used port forwarding technique to expose our WCF services in network. so when user will access port 8080, the request will be forwarded to my service's port 70.

Compiled By: Rajesh Rolen

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