Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ASP.NET Interview Questions Page-3

ASP.NET Interview Questions:

How do you debug an ASP.Net Web application?
What is the default Connection Time Out to wait for a connection to open in ASP.Net?
What is serialization in .NET? What are the ways to control serialization?
What exactly happens when ASPX page is requested from Browser
How to enable tracing
What is Tracing in ASP.NET
Show the entire validation error message in a message box on the client side
How to disable client side script in validators
Which JavaScript file is referenced for validating the validators at the client side
If you have client side validation is enabled in your Web page , Does that mean server side code is not run
How can we check if all the validation control are valid and proper
How can we force all the validation control to run
What are different types of Assembly
What is a CLS(Common Language Specification)
What is a CTS?
What is a CLR and what is use of it in .NET
Do session use cookies
Order in which events of global.asax are triggered?
What are major events in GLOBAL.ASAX file
How will decide the design consideration to take a Datagrid , datalist or repeater
How to format data inside DataGrid
Difference between Datagrid , Datalist and repeater From performance point of view

Compiled By: Rajesh Rolen

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