Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ASP.NET Interview Questions Page-2

ASP.NET Interview Questions:

What is the maximum possible length of a query string?
Refresh Current Page using JavaScript
Refresh Parent Page from Popup/child page
Show Data in Hindi Without Installing Font at Client Side
Difference between <%# Bind(””) %> and <%# Eval(””) %>
Difference between website project and webapplication project in VS2008
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How to detect browser close button is clicked ?
What is Difference between ScriptManager & ScriptManagerProxy
What is Use of Scriptmanager in AJAX
Difference between Function Overriding and Function Overloading
Special folders in ASP.Net
What is Code Replacement in ASP.Net
Can the action attribute of a server side < form > tag be set to a value and if not how can you possibly pass data to another page?
What is a runtime host in ASP.Net?
What is the .Net framework?
What are assemblies?
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What is the global assembly cache (GAC)?
Which service in the CLR allocates the memory on the managed heap for an object in ASP.Net?
How does ASP.Net page works?

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