Tuesday, September 20, 2011

.NET Framework 4.5: Windows Communication Foundation 4.5

Simplification of generated configuration files.

Support for contract-first development.

Ability to configure ASP.NET compatibility mode more easily.

Changes in default transport property values to reduce the likelihood that you will have to set them.

Updates to the XmlDictionaryReaderQuotas class to reduce the likelihood that you will have to manually configure quotas for XML dictionary readers.

Validation of WCF configuration files by Visual Studio as part of the build process, so you can detect configuration errors before you run your application.

New asynchronous streaming support.

New HTTPS protocol mapping to make it easier to expose an endpoint over HTTPS with Internet Information Services (IIS).

Ability to generate metadata in a single WSDL document by appending ?singleWSDL to the service URL.

Websockets support to enable true bidirectional communication over ports 80 and 443 with performance characteristics similar to the TCP transport.

Support for configuring services in code.

XML Editor tooltips.

ChannelFactory caching support.

Binary encoder compression support.

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